Training & Stats

Significant Training Goals
Reyes Peak – 14 miles, 3500’ gain
Chief Peak – 14.5 miles, 4200’ gain
Cucamonga Peak & Big Horn Peak – 12.3 miles, 4500’ gain
Hines Peak – 20 miles, 5K gain
Baldy Loop – 19 miles, 7.5K gain
Cactus to Clouds – 18.5 miles, 10.2K gain
Split Mountain – 15 miles, 7.5K gain
Rea Lakes Loop, via Kearsarge Pass – 48 miles, 10K gain
Backbone Trail – 66 miles, 9K gain
Evolution Loop – 70 miles, 10K gain

Fun Stats
Day 1 was when the wind started to blow the smoke into Yosemite Valley.  We counted hikers who wore protection on their face from the smoke.  Of the 77 hikers we passed that day, only four hikers (not including us) covered their face with a mask of some sort to block the smoke.  Of our nine days on the trail we passed the most people on days one and nine.   

Day 2 we counted hikers with trekking poles.  Out of 67 hikers we passed that day, 47 hiked with two trekking poles, 4 with one trekking pole or a walking stick, and 16 with nothing.

Day 3 we counted pants verses shorts.  We only passed thirteen people this day, the fewest of any stretch of the JMT.  Out of 13 hikers ten wore shorts, three wore pants.

Day 4 we counted men verses women.  Out of 35 hikers 20 were men and 5 were women, for a whopping 4:1 ratio of men to women. 

Day 5 we became lazy and lost all ambition to keep tallies.

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