I'm hesitant to post photos since I feel they can taint the experience when you first encounter these settings in real life.  Proceed with caution, but for those who just can't resist, here are a few of my favorite moments from our trip.

Our packs.  All packed.

The bus ride to the start of the route watching hundreds of miles 
of the Sierra pass, that we would have to tread back.

Whitney Portal

Smoke on the horizon at Tuolumne

Olmstead Point, the start of our hiking

The Valley appearing smokey below

The big moment... the official start to the JMT

The smoke on the first day.  So thick you could look
directly at the sun.

So thick you couldn't see Half Dome from the mist trail

The morning of day two, clearer skies
Donahue Pass
One of the endless livestock gates, just waiting to clothesline you...

Early morning water stop

Mount Ritter

Can you spot the pika?
Virginia Lake campsite

Devils Postpile National Monument
near Reds Meadow
Majestic peaks peak over the horizon

Marie Lake from atop Seldon Pass

Crystalline clouds

Feng Shui in nature 

One of the lazy dogs at Muir Trail Ranch outpost

The bear proof Shed.  You food waits for you here.  

stream crossing at Evolution Meadows.  Feels so good!

The unmistakable Muir Pass

 The Muir Pass summit hut 

 Rock Monster!

Horse Train!

The unrivaled Evolution Lake

near LeConte Ranger Station

below the Golden Staircase

Always leave a note

Celebration at the bottom of Piute Pass.  We were never so happy to see a bridge.

Our stalkers

Arrowhead Lake

The Fin

en route to Forester Pass

The mind-boggling switchbacks of Forester Pass

Bighorn Plateau under golden sunlight

Whitney from the back.  The amazing windswept plateau coming up the 
backside of Whitney.  It looks extremely different from this angle. 

Majestic bowl


Heading down to our salvation, Lone Pine and the Owens Valley

Whitney under sheets of rain 

The coolest guy in the world - our friend Bob meets us at the top

It's official - we finished

Toasting to a lifelong goal