Why I Wrote This

I am typing this four months after our trip.  It’s taken me till now to develop the hindsight and appreciation of what happened. 
I wrote this down for myself.  I feel the need to say that, lest someone think I mistake trip reports for novellas - once I started writing I couldn’t stop, such was the pleasure of reliving our trip.  Jason persuaded me to put it on the internet for others to read and learn from, as we did with so many other amazing blog posts and trip reports.  I’m merely adding one more to the pile, and hope that in the smallest way, it may answer someone’s question, help logistical planning, or inspire another soul.  It’s my tiny way of giving back to the amazing community of people who dare attempt such deeds.

Shortly after our trip I knew I must try my best to record what has amounted to one of my most precious times in my life.  Every day that passed I feared my vibrant memories were slowly fading, till all I would remember is a general sense of emotion, and none of the details.  Weeks after our trip I’d take up the pen only to be so overwhelmed with where to start that I floundered and wrote nothing at all.  As with any big task the most difficult steps are the first ones.  And if you’re dreaming of a JMT trip, I urge you to take some first steps of your own too.  

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